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Welcome to the Travel Desks’ Customer Care Center. If you have any questions on Travel Desks’ website this is the place where you can find most if not all of the answers to your questions.

Customer Center contains the following pages:

  1. Company Information  - Information how Travel Desks got started, future goals, and testimonials.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions  - Most frequent questions that are asked by our members and detailed answers to all of them.
  3. Company News  - Find out the latest company news for Travel Desks.
  4. Rules & Policies  - The rules and regulations set by the organization to protect your privacy and promote ethical seo.
  5. Site Map  - List of all the public pages published on the Travel Desks’ website.
  6. Contact Us  - If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our services or website please use this page.
  7. How to register: the page for you to register user name by an email, then Login here
  8. Travel deals: get promotions for travelling in Asia