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Saudi Arabia

Posted by in on 5-29-13

Saudi Arabia is a Middle Eastern country that occupies most of the Arabian peninsula and has coastlines on the Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and Red Sea. Neighbouring countries include Jordan to the northwest, Iraq and Kuwait to the northeast, Bahrain and Qatar to the east, the United Arab Emirates to the southeast, and Oman and Yemen to the south.

Saudi Arabia contains the holy Muslim cities of Makkah and Madinah, to which all physically and financially able Muslims are required to make a pilgrimage at least once if possible (see Hajj).
Capital     Riyadh
Government     Absolute Monarchy
Currency     Saudi riyal (SAR)
Area     total: 1,960,582 km2
water: 0 km2
land: 1,960,582 km2
Population     27,601,038 includes 5,576,076 non-nationals (July 2007 est.)
Language     Arabic
Religion     100% Muslim (by law)
Electricity     110/220V, plug types A, C, D, G all used
Country code     966
Internet TLD     .sa
Time Zone     GMT+3
Emergencies     dial 999

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