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Regions in Israel

Posted by in on 6-10-13

Israel possesses a number of diverse regions, with landscapes varying between coast, mountain, valley and desert landscapes, with just about everything in between. Beyond the towns and cities, each region of Israel holds its own unique attractions. The metropolitan areas of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv form very much their own regions; from north to south, however, Israel’s regions are as follows:
Regions of Israel
This region can be divided into the Upper Galilee and Lower Galilee hill ranges, as well as the Jezreel Valley and the Sea of Galilee.
Israeli North Coast
Sometimes called “Western Galilee”, this region extends along the Mediterranean shore from Haifa to Rosh Haniqra and the Lebanese border. It also includes the Carmel Range.
Israeli Coastal Plain
The most developed part of Israel, between the Carmel Range and the Gaza Strip. The area north of Tel Aviv is known as the Sharon.
The fertile, hilly hinterland between the Coastal Plain and the Judean highlands.
Desert covering much of the south of Israel, including Ramon Crater. Also includes the Israeli parts of the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea.
Disputed Territories
Golan Heights
Mountainous area north-east of the Sea of Galilee. Occupied in 1967 by Israel, unilaterally annexed in 1980, and internationally recognized and still claimed by Syria. The annexation of the Golan is not recognized by the United Nations.
Judea and Samaria
Two physically separate territories, the West Bank in the east in the Jordan Valley and the Gaza Strip in the southwest along the Mediterranean coast. Internationally recognized as part of the State of Palestine by the UN, government services (security, medical service, etc.) are provided by Israel, the Palestinian Authority (as of 2013, The state of Palestine), or a combination, depending on the exact location as a result of the Oslo Accords.

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