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Do in Lebanon

Posted by in on 6-5-13


The Lebanese people have had to adapt to the political turmoil. Lebanon is easily the party capital of the Middle East. Beirut features many different and distinct nightlife neighborhoods, such as Gemmayze district, mostly full of bars and restaurants, or the Monot Street which features nightclubs and bars. Lebanon is also known for it’s open-air nightclubs such as Sky Bar, White, and Iris. Greater Beirut is a sleepless city, as the great majority of it open 24 hours a day.

Lebanese nightclubs are widely diverse, as one can find both the “oriental” and “occidental” style, and in some cases, a mix of both.

Lebanon also has a huge beach party scene having exquisite beaches and beach resorts such as Oceana, Laguava or Edde Sands and Janna Sur Mer. However, these places are not cheap, and can be very expensive, especially for the budget traveler.


Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) – 350-plus km national hiking trail extending from Al Qobaiyat in the north to Marjaayoun in the south. The Trail is not well marked and it is recommended that you get a guide because you will get lost. The guides can be expensive but it is worth talking them down on price. If you do decide to go alone, the country side is populated and you are never very far from people. This is by far the best way to see wild Lebanon!


Lebanon has six ski resorts with groomed slopes, catering to skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Beyond the ski-able domains await you kilometers of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails waiting to be explored; Lebanon has something for everyone. Each of the ski resorts has a different flavor.

Lebanon is one of the oldest sites of wine production in the world and today enjoys a burgeoning industry producing award-winning wines for export throughout the world, mainly in the UK, Europe and the United States. Wine Tasting is an absolute must with any visit to Lebanon. Below are some wine producers in Lebanon for you to keep an eye out for: – - * Chateau Musar [14] – * Chateau Ksara [15] – * Chateau Kefraya [16] – * Domaine Wardy [17] – * Vin Héritage [18] – * Chateau Fakra [19] – * Chateau Nakad [20] – * Massaya [21] – * Domaine des Tourelles [22] – * Clos Saint Thomas [23] – * Cave Kouroum [24] – * Clos de Cana [25] – * Nabise Mont Liban [26] – * Enotica – * Chateau Khoury [27] – * Couvent St. Sauveur

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