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Do in Japan

Posted by in on 6-7-13

     Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossoms Spots
Climb the 3776 meter Mount Fuji, an icon of Japan.
Take a walk amidst thousands of cherry blossoms in Yoshino
Ascend Mount Aso to see one of the world’s largest calderas
Visit the snowy peaks of the country’s largest national park, Daisetsuzan.
Climb the 2446 stone stops of the holy Haguro mountain through an amazing primeval forest.
Soak in the hot springs of Japan’s Onsen Capital, Beppu.
Go River rafting in some of the last wild rivers in Japan in the Iya Valley
Ski the world famous powder of Hokkaido or in the Japan Alps.
Overnight in one of the holy temples of Mount Koya.

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