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Do in East Timor

Posted by in on 6-13-13

Scuba diving

East Timor has some of the best scuba diving in the world, and this is a major draw for tourists with East Timor shore diving becoming known worldwide amongst the diving community. Pristine beaches and coral reefs stand in stark contrast to one of the poorest populations on Earth.

Dive Photo Contest of Timor-Leste [12]. In both 2010 and 2011, see world-class divers and underwater photographers from all over the world participated in East Timor’s first ever underwater photo contest, an initiative of the then President José Ramos-Horta.

General Diving Information

Dili offers the diver some great close dives. Only 5 min from the center of town is Pertamina Pier. One of East Timors best dives for critters, octopus and schooling Barracudas.

10 min west of Dili is Dili Rock (east & west). This is one of Timor’s most dived sites as it acts as the main training dive site. Known for it’s easy access and great conditions Dili East also offers great opportunities to see Leaf Scorpion fish, Angler fish and Ghost pipe fish.

As you head further West towards Liquica you come to such dive sites as Bubble beach (known for its amazing bubble fields and spectacular deep dive) the gravel pit and devil ray point.

East of Dili divers can experience shore diving at its best. Easy access along the coast allows divers safe entry to great wall dives. Secret garden, K41, Bob’s Rock and Lone Tree are some of the amazing dives that can be done within an hour of Dili. Approximately 40 min East of Dili the diving starts and continues as far as Com some 200km away.

The variety of dives along this stretch of road is endless yet K41 and shark point are among the favourites of the local divers.

Without a doubt, Atauro Island is East Timor’s most pristine diving area. Around the island is a large variaty of dives suitable for every level! Visibility is always excellent, and the abundancy of fish life and coral is simply overwhelming. Our dive masters will be more than happy to show you the hidden secrets of Atauro’s underwater world.

There are two major diving companies in Dili Freeflow Diving [13] and Dive Timor-Lorosae [14].
Detailed Dive Site Information

Dive Sites of Timor-Leste contains detailed descriptions of most popular dive sites, with links to maps and scuba resources, provided by long-time divers in the country.
Marine Life of East Timor

Wikimedia Commons has pictures of some of the stunning marine life at marine animals of East Timor

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