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Cities in South Korea

Posted by in on 5-29-13

    Seoul — the dynamic 600 year old capital of South Korea, a fusion of the ancient and modern
Busan  — the second largest city and a major port city of Korea.
Incheon — second busiest port in the country, location of the country’s largest international airport
Daegu  — a cosmopolitan city, rich with ancient traditions and sights
Daejeon — a large and dynamic metropolis located in Chungnam province
Gwangju — the administrative and economic centre of the area, the largest city in the province
Gyeongju— the ancient capital of the Silla Kingdom
Jeonju  — once the spiritual capital of the Joseon Dynasty, now a leading center of the arts filled with museums, ancient buddhist temples, and historical monuments
Chuncheon — capital city of Gangwon province, surrounded by lakes and mountains and known for local dishes, dakgalbi and makguksu

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