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Cities in Lebanon

Posted by in on 6-5-13

Many cities in Lebanon have English names which are significantly different from their Arabic names; the Roman versions of the Arabic names are given in parentheses below.

Beirut – the capital and largest city
Baalbek – a Phoenician and Roman archaeological site
Byblos (Joubeil) – another city with plenty of remains, castles and museums
Jezzine – main summer resort and tourist destination of South Lebanon
Jounieh – known for its seaside resorts and nightclubs
Sidon (Saida) – plenty of medieval remains
Tripoli (Trablus) – still unspoilt by mass-tourism
Tyre (Sour) – has a number of ancient sites, including its Roman Hippodrome which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Zahle – capital of Bekaa Valley

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