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Cities in Japan

Posted by in on 6-7-13

Japan has thousands of cities; these are nine of the most important to the traveller.

Tokyo — the capital and main financial centre, modern and densely populated.
Hiroshima — large port city, the first city to be destroyed by an atomic bomb
Kanazawa — historic city on the west coast
Kyoto — ancient capital of Japan, considered the cultural heart of the country, with many ancient Buddhist temples and gardens
Nagasaki — ancient port city in Kyushu, the second city to be destroyed by an atom bomb
Nara — first capital of a united Japan, with many Buddhist shrines, and historical buildings
Osaka — large and dynamic city located in the Kansai region
Sapporo — largest city in Hokkaido, famous for its snow festival
Sendai — largest city in the Tohoku region, known as the city of forests due to its tree lined avenues and wooded hills

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