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Cities in Israel

Posted by in on 6-10-13

Jerusalem — A city sacred for millennia to three religions: Jews, Christians and Muslims
Akko (Acre) — an ancient town with a historic port.
Ashdod — one of ancient philistines cities, with dune preserve and beautiful long beach strip.
Beer Sheva — the de facto capital of the Negev region
Eilat — the ‘Goa of the Middle East’, Israel’s window on the Red Sea, a vibrant resort city
Haifa — center of the Bahá’í Faith, home to the Shrine of the Báb and Terraces and the German Quarter
Nazareth — the hometown of Jesus, now the largest Arab city in Israel
Tel Aviv — the most vibrant city in the country and the region, includes the White City, a site of Bauhaus architecture.
Tiberias — a modern resort town with an ancient background on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee
Safed (Tzfat) — fascinating city filled with artists and mystics, home to ARI who established Kabbalah school of thought

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