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Cities in Afghanistan

Posted by in on 6-19-13

     Kabul – in the east, the capital city
Balkh – an ancient city in the north, its history still palpable
Bamiyan – The remains of the Buddhas. Once considered one of the wonders of the world, these tall stone carvings were destroyed by the Taliban in a notorious act of cultural vandalism.
Ghazni – in the south-east, between Kabul and Kandahar
Herat – in the west, gateway to Iran, has a strong Persian influence and several interesting historical sites
Jalalabad – in the east, between Kabul and the Khyber Pass
Kandahar – a Taliban-influenced southern city, not safe for travel at this time
Kunduz – A major city in the northeast, and crossing point to Tajikistan
Mazar-e Sharif – home to the impressively tiled Blue Mosque, and the staging point for trips into Uzbekistan

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