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Posted by in on 6-5-13


The Lebanese currency is the Lebanese pound, abbreviated “LBP” or “Lebanese Lira” abbreviated “LL”, which is the most common abbreviation. Its value is kept stable relative to the US dollar, with a value of about LL1,500 to US$1. Either Lebanese pounds or US dollars are accepted almost everywhere, and it is common to pay in dollars but receive change in pounds (in which case, make sure you don’t get short-changed).

Bills used are LL1000, LL5000, LL10,000, LL20,000, LL50,000 and LL100,000. p.s: you may find two forms of LL1000 and they are both accepted.

Bills not used are LL1, LL5, LL10, LL25, LL50, LL100, LL250, LL500.

There are LL25, LL50, LL100, LL250 and LL500 coins. LL25, LL50 and LL100 coins are virtually never used.
Exchange rates

Correct as of November 2009:
$ US Dollar    USD$1 = LL1,502    LL1,000 = USD$0.67
£ Pound Sterling    £1.00 = LL2,529    LL1,000 = £0.40
€ Euro    €1.00 = LL2,251    LL1,000 = €0.44
$ Australian Dollar    AUD$1 = LL1,407    LL1,000 = AUD$0.71
$ New Zealand Dollar    NZD$1 = LL1,126    LL1,000 = NZD$0.89
$ Canadian Dollar    CAD$1 = LL1,435    LL1,000 = CAD$0.70
¥ Japanese Yen    ¥1.00 = LL16.87    LL1,000 = ¥59
Money transfer

You may transfer money from/to Lebanon through Western Union. For more information about locations offering Money transfers you may contact BOB Finance – Bank of Beirut Group on the number 1262 from inside Lebanon or +961-5-955262 from outside with 24/7 Customer Service Support

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